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Second IPv6 Challenge 2019

26/07/2019 -27/09/2019

What is the IPv6 Challenge?

The IPv6 Challenge is an initiative created by the regional technical community and promoted by LACNIC's R&D department to recognize the work of organizations which have started to deploy IPv6 in their networks.

The basic idea behind this fun and healthy competition is to use the tasks required by the challenge as a catalyst to kick off IPv6 deployment or to drive the process even further. Results should be evident as participants advance through the Challenge.

Terms and Conditions:

a) Who can participate?
Organizations of the LACNIC region interested in kickstarting their IPv6 deployment, as well as organizations which have already completed an initial deployment but are still not offering services over IPv6. Organizations which can prove the recent implementation of services supporting IPv6 may also participate.

b) How to participate
First, you must register at:
Then you must attend and participate in the talks and activities that will be organized.

c) How to participate
Earn points by implementing and offering services that support IPv6.
Where? How?
This depends on each participant.
1) Offering transparent services to a group of end users over both versions of the Internet protocol (IP). More points will be awarded if these services are implemented in members’ production servers and domains.
2) Implementing servers with IPv6 support, including Web, DNS, Conference, Jabber, SSH, and other servers.
3) Developing software with IPv6 support (to earn more points).
4) Offering IPv6-only services using, for example, 464xlat or containers (to earn more points).

Tip: Be sure to guarantee security and direct communications for both IPv4 and IPv6.

Who wins the Challenge?
- The team who earns the highest number of points (greater participation, highest number of services).
- The team who reports the tests they conduct and the operational status of their services.
- The team who prepares a handbook of good practices to help replicate their experience in other institutions and within the LACNIC community.

The final decision will be up to the Committee, who will follow the progress of each contestant and will name the winners.

Prizes: Winners of the challenge will receive prizes in kind as well as an award from LACNIC.

The Challenge will run from 22 July to 27 September 2019

Important Dates:
Challenge starts: 22 July
Registration: 22 July to 25 August
Challenge ends: 27 September
Informational webinar: To be announced
Participants must submit their progress to the Committee:
Presentation of the project: when entering the Challenge
First submission: before 15 August
Second submission: before 27 September

Any questions should be addressed to the IPv6 Challenge Committee: comite-reto-ipv6 \@ lac.ipv6tf. org